The Growing Importance of Custom Website Design

The Growing Importance of Custom Website Design

If you answer in a positive to the above mentioned questions, it’s time to work on the web design again and create a website that can give a strong competition to others.

A survey shows that a visitor devotes only a couple of seconds on the website to judge whether it will be able to fulfill his expectations or not. And that very first impression determines that the visitor will be a potential customer or not in future. To make a visitor pay attention to your website and spend a lot of time browsing through it completely, you should make a creative website full of high quality and authentic information.

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The argument held by a handful of other designers is that “the fold” does, in fact, exist – instead of it appearing as a literal fold, however, in web design content can be seen as sitting above “the fold” if it is visible the moment that the page loads (without the user having to scroll or click on anything). Everything else, which cannot be seen without this user interaction, is seen as sitting below “the fold”. And, as the internet can be accessed on a number of different devices with different screen sizes, websites might actually possess a few “folds”.

Fourth, there is no opportunity to own your website design. Let’s say you manage within the confines of a template to build a webpage that you like, but you are unhappy with the company that provided the template and hosts the site. Can you pack up the website and move it to another company to host? The answer is, “no”. The templates made available will only work on the host’s server, making a transfer of the site to another server impossible.

Registering customers can be a great way to gather information about customer loyalty, spending habits, and your target demographic. However, it is advisable that registration be both easy and optional. Some customers will be put off by being required to enroll with your business, while a lengthy registration process will annoy others. Keep registration to one page for best results.

Depending on how you run your web design business and how you want it to work, there is nothing wrong with negotiating a price that makes both you and your client happy. However, be sure to make it clear to the client that, in order to lower the cost of your services, they will have to drop a part of the project. There are many areas that this can be done, such as by reducing the number of options that they can choose from (from 3 to 1 or 2) or by reducing the amount of revisions a client is entitled to before they have to pay extra.